It’s time to consider Costa now as Chelsea get hot for run after GW15

Two back-to-back incidents in injury to Philipe Coutinho and the suspension of Sergio Aguero is as much a double whammy as blessings in disguise as Gameweek 15 approaches.
Given how it has panned out with good players performing in patches, you can either have a couple and be stuck with them if they do not pan out and you wait that wee longer hoping for a turn of form quicker than later.
Cue Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and Henrikh Mkhitaryan and to some extent Kevin de Bruyne and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Hazard’s blip was a blink but Lukaku continues to frustrate, De Bruyne and Sterling slipped off the radar while Ibrahimovic has been steady but underwhelming in patches, especially in the big games. Mkhitaryan has recently been given a chance at redemption and showed promise. Harry Kane has found his mojo late and hopefully he makes up for the lost time well.
While Coutinho and Aguero provide a headache once they return, the money they release allow for some choice buys. For me it is getting both Hazard and Diego Costa on board, something which was a case of either-or before at the most.
Costa was always a transfer in the making for Lukaku in my team. The only thing holding back was Costa’s temperament and that too when the choice was to take 1 Chelsea player and Hazard looked a safer option.
Given how Costa was an apostle of virtue even in the fracas with the Manchester City players and with prices expected to rise for both players, this was a no-brainer if you have two transfers. Chelsea also have a good run of fixtures.
However, I have one free transfer which I used for Costa and am hoping that Walcott would return well against Stoke to nullify any four-point hit for Hazard in the other scenario.
If, and a big if, Walcott flops, the wait could also give added thinking time in getting someone like Victor Moses as an alternate for Hazard and spend the money elsewhere. Maybe Gylfi Sigurdsson? It is an option.


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