Running on empty gas until FPL blank gameweeks ahead coming up

My gut before Tuesday was that Harry Kane will score when not expected to. Turns out that my gut for the captain’s choice jinxed that, too.

Agreed the more popular captain Alexis Sanchez did not do much better and it was a horrible week for the #FPL favourites, but Kane is really frustrating player to have and it should not be long before he gets the door from my team for the second time in the season.

He would have already this round but an easier fixture and with energies focused on working towards the light Gameweeks 26 and 28 means he lives another day to convince me again otherwise.

To be fair, his failing is just one of many in a season when the harder you try the more you slip. Let me explain with a reverse example: A colleague of mine at work was persuaded hard to join the mini league, and he used the auto-pick option by FPL to select his team and that was that. He was nudged back after 11 weeks, changed his team with two free transfers and went to sleep again. He has more points than many in the league and had the second highest points amongst us at 43 this week. That says it all. Yes, life can be hard.

With Arsenal slipping and up against Chelsea, Laurent Koscielny is the prime target as his 6.3million price can help me ease into the next three free transfers. Come Gameweek 26, I should have 10 players. And then maybe a four-point hit.

It was a toss-up between Seamus Coleman and Leighton Baines to get an Everton defender. Baines moved up to 5.7m, same as his colleague but who is expected to rise in price by Sunday after a goal and two assists from three games. Baines has a slightly higher ownership but Coleman’s four goals to his two is the deal-breaker for me.

And with Koscielny out and Coleman in, that leaves 0.8m in the bank for the next transfers.

PS: A worrying sign is that Charlie Daniels is out injured and expected to be back by the 13th. As long as he is fine by GW 26 come the 25th it should be fine; else it will be plain unlucky.



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