Manchester United out of top four is not the only reason this FPL season was forgettable

The idea of doing blog posts for my fantasy team in the English Premier League was not because I became arrogant for topping my office league in the last season, as many of my colleagues would like to sneer and jibe about. (Sneer, because I did a Leicester City by going from one end to another in this 2016-17 season).

It was just to pen down my thoughts, compare with the world on their processes as a manager and partly also to test myself in the deep waters by adding more accountability to the decisions between choosing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Harry Kane, Diego Costa or Romelu Lukaku as your star striker and captain.

I could give many excuses like injuries, luck, lack of time (indeed my best reason), etc etc but the bottom line is that I failed to deliver and the overall ranking of 15,61,754 among nearly 4 million managers is enough to throw my team into the deep corners of the hall of shame.

But a quick word to say: the spirits are not down yet, and I will be back.

It has been genuinely a very, very busy past six months on the personal and work front in many years. But that will not be an excuse anymore.

With that promise, here’s looking forward to a new season of FPL soon.



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