Late brainwaves before riding new Fantasy Premier League tide

We are hours away from the start of Fantasy Premier League and despite limiting myself to three drafts, there is another panic attack.
So one just realised after taking a second look at the forward line, Jamie Vardy at the front of a reinvigorated Leicester City is still better than Chicharito of the perennial underachievers West Ham.
Under Slaven Bilic, the Hammers have showed serious intent. Still an attacking Pablo Zabaleta in the defence is kind of a token insurance in case they hit the ground running.
The additional 1.5 million required comes from a straightforward switch at Manchester City with Leroy Sane swapping out Kevin De Bruyne.
After the 2015/16 high of finishing in the early 100k, last season poured cold water on my high-flying hopes.
An attempt to be daring and different in the first season worked, but it was a coincidence in hindsight.
Trying to do the same last season and get lucky on differentials at the start backfired, the team value eroded and it was pretty much quicksand after that. Research since has the veterans suggesting to go for the tried and tested. Vardy’s choice over Chicharito sprang in the mind bearing that.
Zabaleta’s choice is also pretty much in deference to that logic. So no Hudderfield Town players who I think will do well than the popular public choice in Brighton & Hove Albion. The only exception being Kolasinac’s presence to represent Arsenal. For a midfielder from Chelsea, Willian makes way for the more experienced Cesc Fabregas.
The main question that every manager has to confront is: Will Harry be the man for Tottenham. Kane he do it again after a prolific season.
Unfortunately for me, Kane proved to be a nightmare for me when he went on a run of four-five games without scoring just when I picked him. And he would start scoring, heavily at that, when I got impatient.
Fortunately, he is also priced at 12.5 million, a valid excuse not to break the bank to have him. Sergio Aguero was priced at 13 million and still popular the previous season but he was the sole scoring player upfront for Manchester City under a rotation policy by Pep Guardiola. At White Hart Lane, Kane will be sharing the spoils with Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen. Not worth the price, says my prejudiced gut feeling.
So all set for another exciting season and may the best fantasy manager win. Good luck and hope this team below gets clicking right away.

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