Activating wild card for FPL Gameweek 6 hoping to hit out of the park

Conventional wisdom dictates using the wild card in Fantasy Premier League to correct errors of judgement at the start of the season when you are running in blind on the form of the players.
Hovering above the 400k milestone in the overall rankings, it quite ain’t broken.
But a quick fix in the greed for a fillip is tempting as well.
Gameweek 5 fetched 67 points against an average of 58. Having indicated in my previous post about my fascination for law of averages and it catching up with Romelu Lukaku’s consistent returns, there was a goof-up as I seem to have forgot to save my changes.
As it turned out, Lukaku proved to be the difference again for the above-average score. Which again justified the non-necessity for using the wild card.
However, the fixtures of the top six clubs and the forementioned greed are strong reasons not to overlook.
What is complicating the rejig is the strong options among strikers and my forward line has clicked from Day 1. But Sergio Aguero’s rise coupled with the fact that he is assured to start against bottom-table Crystal Palace, despite Pep Guardiola’s rotation-crazy strategy, has advanced the timing for the wild card.
Harry Kane has strong underlying stats and Tottenham have strong fixtures. But Kane is pricey and not worth the risk for value per point – when he starts scoring, that is.
To accommodate as many big names, it was always a choice of one between Roberto Firmino or Mohamed Salah. As it pans out, apart from the five big names below, there was not much left in the bank to squeeze in Christian Eriksen or retain Dele Alli in maintaining Spurs’ representation or a Eden Hazard or Alvaro Morata to encash Chelsea’s fixture against Stoke City.

However, instead of cheap differential attacking midfielders like Pascal Grob or Abdoulaye Doucoure, I have gone for the steady £5m trio of Steven Davis (Southampton), Eric Dier (Spurs) and N’Golo Kante (Chelsea).
Not only are the three capable of scoring an odd goal, they are good bets on experience and fixture ease to bank on them not dropping in value unlike Tom Carroll and other fillers on the bench.
The idea is the use the front eight as much as possible.
As always, your comments and opinion is welcome. Send them here.

PS: With Aguero not starting in the mid-week EFL Carabao Cup, he should be raring to go against Crystal Palace, and one would hope so while entrusting the captain’s armband.

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