Manchester United v Liverpool in FPL Gameweek 8 and caught on the wrong foot

Stepping into Gameweek 8 of the Fantasy Premier League, it might come across as strange that my first 4-point hit move comes when I am past the 400-points milestone, top of my office league and consistent in weekly returns – although my colleagues have caught up with alarming speed.

So I have done well and yet taken a four-point hit. If you see my team here, these men have served well but suffer from what I call the investors’ dilemma. Many will say if it ain’t broken, why fix it? but ask a financial expert and he will say never put your eggs in one basket even if your portfolio is doing well.
So when Manchester United travel Liverpool – start of tricky next four fixtures for Jose Mourinho’s team – one is left with a peculiar situation where four key players and mostly the nucleus of the team potentially play each other and cancel out the returns.
Worse, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mohamad Salah have gone off the boil since I got them in using my wild card. But they also have scored during the international break leaving them in the tricky in-form with a fatigue factor category.
On the other hand, Chelsea play bunnies Crystal Palace with N’Golo Kante out from my time and Alvaro Morata also unable to make the trip due to injury.
Given Mkhitaryan’s fixture difficulty as an added factor among him and Salah, my free transfer choice would be the United midfielder (8.5 million). However, the only replacement Chelsea player has to be Eden Hazard at 10.6m.
I had 1.3m in the bank (stupid as it may look). Still the math of a replacement does not work even by taking out Kante which leaves me with 4.2m and the cheapest midfielder worth considering with be Andy King at 4.4 from Leicester City.
Replacing Kante with Bakayoko looked like plugging in a stop-gap solution. With City’s fixtures holding good, it was a shootout between David Silva, Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling (all between 8 to 8.5m) to replace Mkhitaryan.
I have opted for Sterling over Sane, who served me well, because he has more recent form and a better attacking position. I don’t think he will take more penalties ahead of Kevin De Bruyne by the time Sergio Aguero returns which is now sooner than later. The 0.5million saved in the swap also sets me up to bring in Hazard at the next available opportunity.
So that leaves me with Sterling also as deputy to captain and teammate Gabriel Jesus, as the later hopefully scores against Stoke City in plenty ahead of Aguero’s impending return.
As usual, all the best to the fantasy world out there.





















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