The road ahead for Tendulkar

The world has been commenting on the past 20 years of Tendulkar’s greatness and we too took time off to appreciate God’s gift that Tendulkar is an Indian who has made us feel proud on so many occasions irrespective of what Bal Thackeray thinks.
Having said that, it also occurs that after the long journey, the end is near soon and it would be interesting to see what will life be for Tendulkar after cricket, which is the ‘be all and end all’ of his life, as he says.
I have a strong feeling he won’t be doing a run-of-the-mill academy-coaching-commentary stuff, at least not in the beginning of his career.
I would be surprised if he does because the real geniuses like Don Bradman didn’t do that nor did Amitabh Bachchan open a actor-training school. A big time academy chain, maybe yes, but only to give his name rather than going about explaining head position and stance nuances at each centre.
He will certainly not ask for free or subsidised land, I sincerely hope so.
The mind is open to imagination and what he will do, we will eventually know but it was interesting to imagine Tendulkar going out with a CV for his next venture just in case it is one where his name hasn’t reached. A funny link from an acquaintance, AR Hemant, on the job-hunting Tendulkar.