Cyprus, a true hidden gem in Mediterranean Europe


Cape Greco or Cave Greko

Have you been in a situation when, as someone who likes to plan his travel meticulously, the best of holidays has been one of the least-planned out ones?
Have you travelled on holiday as a tourist and wandered around a new place without being accosted or poked or bugged by service-providers or shopkeepers?
Have you been to a place where people look down upon an average day temperature of 21ºC as a bit hot under their collar?

It is a much-abused phrase, but as far as travel destinations go, Cyprus remains a hidden gem. Certainly a hidden gem in the Mediterranean region where Eastern European regions such as Czech Republic and Georgia-Armenia have also taken fancy among the population here in the Middle East.

And cheaper in comparison, too. Without much ado, here’s how my family holiday unfolded and all things you need to consider for a trip from Dubai to Cyprus.
Total cost of a week’s holiday – approx. Dh10,000 (inclusive of airfare, stay and excursions). Now, how is that!

There are direct flights but limited and expensive. However, Gulf Air is the best with very little stopover time in Bahrain, the two-legged journey takes just over four hours and at convenient times.

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