The futile exercise of asking God to make things happen

Let’s be honest here. How many of us decide to make that visit to the temple / masjid / church because we have nothing to ask for. Not many would go all the way to thank god for his recent blessings and nor do many think of dropping by just because they had nothing else to do, not even watch TV!
Unwilling to give out definite numbers but pretty sure those are troubled souls who have shown the patience to stand in long queues for that soothing darshan of a lifeless mould called idol. Forgive the seemingly disparaging word idol as substitute for God but the irony is striking where matters pertaining to life are passed on by devotees to that idol with the supreme confidence that some magical telepathic powers are at work. And just when the important call to God is being made, the supervising priest yells aloud in your ear, “Chalo, chalo, aage badho!” All that the minder is bothered about is that people just drop money in the donation box, join hands in a fleeting gesture and move on.
That’s when I really feel like whacking the guy hard. Selfishly, I reprimand myself, “Oops, sorry God, do ignore my anger at a fellow human being created by you but do please consider my request and oblige. I will even donate five coconuts and flowers if you do so.”
And then you rush to work where the boss is standing at the door and says, “you are late”. I am apologetic and tell him the reason being the long queue at the temple and the retort is predictable. “Well then you start praying that your job is intact if you are late one more time.” God somebody whack this non-believer for whom money is the only God.
But a man of conscience I am and decide to make up with an extra hour at work, if it will help save my meagre salary job, which is directly related to save my crumbling marriage. Didn’t I tell you about that? Well that is what I was saying to God, wasn’t it?
Trying to make up for the time, I decide to hitch a costly cab back home so that I am in time to buy some flowers for the wife and use a ‘fresh’ approach to our relationship before the florist closes at 8 pm. And guess what, despite my show of urgency, the cab driver coolly says, “Saab, I wasn’t expecting this long trip. I don’t have fuel and I will need to stop at the gas station”. I know I am being taken for a ride. Determined to teach him a lesson, I treat him to some choicest of abuses, pay the prevailing fare and step out. After all, I will rather wait for a bus and be delayed then play fodder to the scheming cabbie who wants to refuel at the expense of the waiting time charge on the meter. Had I not been in a hurry, I would have whacked him and teach him a lesson.

But I forgot, time was ticking by and the florist shop closed. No flowers to show for, I decide to just stay still at home lest not I make matters worse by passing on my frustration on to the wife. That would be the last thing I want to but, worse, the wife has taken my silent attitude on arrival is that I don’t care. “You don’t love me. You spend extra hours in office never thinking I am alone and bored. Then you just sit here when you should be taking me out, blah, blah”. Wish somebody could whack some sense into the blabbering lady!
At night in bed, the ‘what if’ syndrome takes over. What if I had not gone to the temple… I would have been on time, wouldn’t have to spend extra hour, wouldn’t have to get into a fight with the cabbie. Instead, I would have had a romantic evening with the wife over wine and flowers. She would have been happy, which is what I went to pray for in the first place, right. If only I had chose to do my karma for the day rather than asking the Almighty to make it happen… God, I deserve a whack for being such an idiot.